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Seward Policy Manual

The Seward Public Schools Board of Education Policy Manual is online. You may access board policies by clicking on the desired link below. All files have been saved as .pdf files. Adobe reader can be found at www.adobe.com.

Though attempts will be made to keep all policies current on this website, policies posted on this website are not the official policies of Seward Public Schools. The official Seward Public Schools Board of Education Policy Manual will be maintained and stored in the Superintendent’s Office.


1000 Series: Policy Overview and Mission Statement

1001    General Policy Statements
1002    Creation and Amendment of Policies
1003    Mission Statement
1004    Distribution of Policies

2000 Series: Policies Regarding Role and Conduct of the Board of Education

2001    Role of the Board of Education
2002    Organization of Board
2003    Development and Education of Board Members
2004    Oath of Office
2005    Conflict of Interest
2006    Complaint Procedure
2007    Reimbursement and Miscellaneous Expenditures
2008    Meetings
2009    Public Participation at Board Meetings
2010    Preparation for Board Meetings
2011    Membership in Organizations
2012    Code of Ethics
2013    Violations of Board Ethics
2014    Relationship with School Attorney
2016    Insurance for Board Members

3000 Series: Policies Regarding Business Operations

3001    Budget
3002    Deposits
3003    Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repare or Site Improvement
3003.1 Bidding for Construction, Remodeling, Repair, or Related Projects Financed with Federal Funds

3004    General Purchasing and Procurement
3004.1 Fiscal Management for Purchasing and Procurement Using Federal Funds

3005    School Activities Fund
3006    Controlling Receipts
3007    Review of Bills
3008    Gifts, Grants and Bequests
3009    Audit
3010    Insurance
3011    Transportation
3012    School Meal Program and Meal Charges
3013    Emergency Closings
3014    Use of School Property
3015    Time Away From School Activities
3016    Smoking
3017    Communicable Diseases
3018    Denial of Access to School Premises
3019    Sale or Disposal of School Property
3020    Copyright Compliance
3021    Open for Business
3022    Volunteers
3023     Record Management and Retention

3024    Booster Clubs and Parent-Teacher Organizations Policy
3025    Sex Offenders
3027    Copying Fees for School District Records
3028     Disbursements
3029     Purchasing Credit Card Program
3030     Procurement Suspension and Debarment
3033     Lending Textbooks to Children Enrolled in Private Schools
3039     Threat Assessment and Response
3042     Construction Management at Risk Contracts
3044     Incidental or De Minimis Use of Public Resources
3045    Use of Sniffer Dogs
3046    Service Animals
3047    Data Breach Response
3048     Communicable Disease
3050     Technology in the Classroom

4000 Series: Policies Regarding Employees of the District

4001    Nondiscrimination
4002    Drug Free Workplace
4003    Drug Testing of Drivers
4004    Employment of Relatives
4005    Communication between Board and District Employees
4006    Insurance
4007    Personnel Records
4008    Outside Employment
4009    Restrictions on Employees Receiving Gratuities
4010    Inclement Weather
4011    Employee Leave Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
4012    Staff Internet and Computer Use
4013    Grievance Policy
4014    Employment-Related Sexual Harassment
4015    Employment of Board Members
4016    Jury Duty
4017    Relations with Collective Bargaining Associations
4018    Corporal Punishment
4019    Workplace Injury Prevention and Safety Committee
4020    Copyright Policy
4021    Family Military Leave Policy
4022    Certification
4023    Professional Ethics
4024    Teachers' Rights, Responsibilities & Duties
4025    Superintendent
4026    Administrative Employees
4027    Part-Time Certificated Employees
4028    Substitute Teachers
4029    Salary Schedule for Certificated Employees
4030    Evaluation of Certificated Employees
4031    Evaluation of Probationary Certified Employees
4032    Professional Growth
4033    Rights of Probationary Certificated Employees
4034    Teacher Handbook
4035    Rights of Permanent Certificated Employees
4037    Reduction in Force
4038    Classified Staff Defined
4039    Employment of Classified Staff
4040    Separation Incentive Program and 4040a Application Form
4041     Staff Election Conduct
4042      Milk Expression
4043     Internet Searches Regarding Potential Employees
4044    Implementation of Student Assistance Team Process
4045    Assessment Security
4046    Professional Ethics
4047    Prospective Employers for Current and Former Employees
4048    Conflict of Interest
4049    Superintendent Evaluation
4050    Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect
4051     Confidentiality in Counseling and Guidance
4052     Suicide Prevention Training
Use of Social Media by Staff and District
4061     Workplace or Non-Workplace Injuries or Illness and Return to Work


5000 Series: Policies Regarding School District Students

5001    Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism and Affidavit of Parent/Guardian
5002    Admission of Students
5003    Admission of Part-Time Students
5004    Option Enrollment
5005    Transportation of Option Students
5006    Foreign Exchange Students
5007    Enrollment of Expelled Students
5008    Pregnant or Parenting Students
5009    Adult Education
5010    Immunization
5011    Physical Examination of Students
5012    Basic Testing Program
5013    Use and Dissemination of Test Results
5014    Homeless Students
5015    Protection of Pupil Rights
5016    Student Records
5017    Routine Directory Information
5018    Parental and Guardian Involvement in Educational Practices
5019    Process of Communicating with Parents
5020    Rights of Custodial and Non-Custodial Parents
5022    Investigations, Arrests, and Other Student Contact by Law Enforcement and Health and Human Services
5023    Student Illness
5024    Medication of Students
5025    Insurance Programs
5026    Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment of Students
5027    Sexual Harassment of Students by Other Students
5028    Initiations
5029    Crisis Response Policy
5031    Student Appearance
5032    Closed Campus
5033    Student Driving and Parking
5034    Handbooks
5035    Student Discipline
5036    Lockers
5037    Student Internet and Computer Access
5038    Lunch Program
5039    Money-Raising Activities
5040    Work Permits
5041    Student Government
5042    Bulletin Boards
5043    School-Sponsored Publications
5044    Bus Passengers
5045    Student Fees
5046    Secret Organizations
5047    Press Releases
5048    Anaphylaxis
5049    Firearms and Weapons
5050    Home Schools and/or Schools Not Meeting Approval and Accreditation Regulations
5051    Eye Examinations for Students
5052    School Wellness Policy
5053    Self Management of Diabetes or Asthma/Anaphylaxis
5054    Student Bullying
5055    Enrollment in Kindergarten
5056    Free Expression by Students
5057    District Title I Parent  and Family Engagement Policy
5058    Dating Violence
5059    Emergency Medical Treatment
5061    Lice and Nits
5062    Class Size
5063    Bed Bugs


6000 Series: Policies Regarding Curriculum

6001    School Organization
6002    School Calendar
6003    Instructional Program
6004    Curriculum Development
6005    Academic Credits and Graduation
6006    Commencement Ceremony
6007    Senior Recognition
6008    Class Rank
6009    Grade Placement of Transfer Students
6010    Special Education Identification, Evaluation and Verification
6011    Fire Inspection and Prevention
6012    Flag Display and Patriotic Observances
6013    Controversial Issues
6014    School Attendance on Days of Scheduled Activities
6015    Summer School
6016    Homebound Instruction
6017    Homework
6018    Grades
6019    Communication with Parents
6020    Multicultural Education
6021    District Criteria for Selecting Evaluators to be Used for Special Education and Verification and Independent Educational Evaluations
6024    Student Discipline
6025    Student Cell Phone and Page Policy
6026    Emergency Dismissal
6027    Field Trips
6028    The Extra Curricular Activities Program
6029    Activity Trips
6030    Public Appearances of School Groups
6031    Emergency Exclusion
6032    Constitution Day Education
6033    Seclusion and Restraint of Students
6034    Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity
6035    Audio and Video Recording
6036    Reading Instruction and Intervention Services Concussion