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Middle School


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5th Grade

5th Grade Science focuses on the  Science As Inquiry process which requires students to know, experience, and interpret the science process.  It, also, focuses on exploring and describing the physical properties of matter and its changes. Student will study weather and climate as well as describe environments based on fossil evidence.  Students will investigate and compare the characteristics of living things and will identify variations of inherited characteristics and life cycles.  In addition, fifth graders will describe relationships within an ecosystem  and they will also describe changes in organisms over time.  


In the 5th grade Social Studies curriculum, the students study a wide variety of American History. These topics include Land and Water Forms, Mapping Skills, Explorers, 13 Colonies, American Revolution, Industrial  Revolution, Westward Expansion, Civil War, and Economics. The students have a great time exploring our American History!


In 5th grade Grammar, Spelling and Writing are all grouped into one class.  Our writing focuses on the 6-traits of writing. The 6 traits include voice, conventions, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, ideas. Our grammar lessons include sentence types, subjects and predicates,  sentence combining, run-on sentences, common and proper nouns, singular an plural nouns, singular possessive nouns, plurals and possessives, action verbs, present, past and future tenses, main and helping verbs, linking verbs, irregular verbs, pronouns and and antecedents, subject and object pronouns, pronoun – verb agreement, possessive pronouns, pronouns and homophones, adjectives, the article A, An and The, adjectives that compare, comparing with more and most, comparing with good and bad, adverbs, adverbs that compare, negatives, prepositions, and sentence combining. In spelling, the students focus on several different themes such as long and short vowels, different v/v, v/c/v, patterns, endings, plurals, compound words, accented syllables, homographs, prefixes and suffixes. Writing spelling and grammar all tie in together and knowledge of one helps with the others.

5th Grade

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