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SHS Academic Decathlon Team Competes in A D Regionals in Omaha-Captures 28 Medals-2020

The SHS Academic Decathlon Team took off for Bellevue East High on one of the coldest mornings of the season, to finish the last phase of the Regional Academic Decathlon contest and compete in a Regional Super Quiz Bowl event.  They were presented the results of the six previous “on-line” tests, taken on Monday, January 13th at the SHS Media Center by all ten team members.

The SHS Academic Decathlon Team competed in their final round of the annual Academic Decathlon Regional contest at Bellevue East High School on Saturday, January 18 for an all morning Super Quiz Bowl event academic competition.  Seven of the ten SHS Senior class students traveled to Omaha, where six students of the SHS AD team were selected to compete in a Super Quiz Bowl finale.  The students competed with other students from similar size schools in competition against students with their same grade point averages-with two students competing at one time together.

Awards and results from the six tests previously taken on January 13th, 2020 in Seward and they were announced at Bellevue East.  Medals were award to both the Team members and Alternate Team members in each category.  The SHS Team won 28 medals in the “on-line” testing competition!

Jarod Harris won the overall top honors for the SHS Academic Decathlon team-receiving the top test scores and being presented with a commemorative gold medal.  His scores were the highest of the SHS Academic Decathlon team’s test scores.

The results included: Jarod Harris: Top Team Score-Gold, Math-Silver, Music-Bronze. Tanner Meggitt: Art-Gold, Lit-Gold, Math-Gold, Economics-Bronze, Science-Gold. Doug Weber: Art-Bronze, Music-Silver, Math-Gold, Economics-Gold. David Clark: Art-Silver, Music-Silver, Economics-Gold. Dylan Brooks: Math-Silver.  Madalyn Lobmeyer: Literature-Bronze, Math-Bronze, Economics-Bronze, Science-Gold. Ed McConnell: Music-Gold, Math-Bronze. Garrett Erickson: Music-Gold, Math-Gold, Economics-Gold, Science-Silver.  Brennan Taylor: Music-Bronze, Economics-Sliver.

Members of the SHS Academic Decathlon Team for 2020 included Austin Dobrusky, Jarod Harris, David Clark, Douglas Weber, Dylan Brooks, Edward McConnell, Garrett Erickson, Madalyn Lobmeyer, Tanner Meggitt, Brennan Taylor.  Attending the Saturday contest were students Edward McConnell, David Clark, Doug Weber, Dylan Brooks, and Brennan Taylor, Austin Dobrusky, and Jarod Harris


Schools that competed in the Medium School size division of Academic Decathlon included Seward, Omaha’s Daniel Gross, York, Lexington and Alliance.

Noelle Baker was the sponsor/coach on Saturday at Bellevue and serves as the SHS Academic Decathlon coordinator/coach for 2020.  Seward Optimist Club members Clark Kolterman, Lana Urban and Monica Brum served as the team proctors for the online testing previously at Seward High, with SHS I T Director Craig Williams serving as the Quiz Master.  

The students were previously given six tests online and had 30 minutes to complete each test on Monday, January 13th at SHS.    The tests included topics of Art, Literature, Music, Math, Economics and Science.  The literature test featured questions on the novel Frankenstein: The 1818 Text by Mary Shelley, with the Introduction by Charlotte Gordan.  

This is the 22nd year that SHS has competed in the Academic Decathlon team contest.  It is funded by the School District of Seward High Ability Learner Program (HAL) and the Seward Optimist Club.  The Seward Optimist Club also donated matching tee shirts for each of the team members and members served as proctors for the on-line tests at Seward High.