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Seward High Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Seward Rotary Club’s Annual Holiday Home Lighting Awards Announced

Tom Reif Family Wins The Top Award for 2022

The annual Seward Rotary Home Holiday Outdoor Lighting Contest was
held Sunday evening, December 4, 2022. The holiday outdoor lighting
and decorated homes in the Greater Seward Area were judged by a
group delegation from the Seward Rotary Club and the Seward High
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).
“We really had a hard time trying to decide,” stated project Co-chairman
Alex Tonniges with the SHS FBLA. Rotarian Judge Ken Schmieding
observed: “There were so many great looking homes this year, both in
Seward and in the surrounding area-we really appreciate all the work
everyone did to make Seward a real Christmas wonderland! Thanks
Seward-everyone wins and the community of Seward is the winner this
The following homes and families are recognized and thanked for their
outstanding efforts to create a festive atmosphere for the 2022 Seward
holidays. Winners were selected by nominations from phone in calls or
emails by family, neighbors and friends to the Seward Rotary Club and
SHS FBLA and include…
The “Grand Prize-Best Overall” Award-Voted #1 for 2022
The Tom Reif Family, 105 Wildwood Road (Lights flash to the
music!—91.7 FM)
The “Judge’s Choice” Award – Tie-“Christmas Spirit-Not an inch left
uncovered!” Jason and Val Dillon-1320 River Street/Jenny and Chris
Miller-1320 River Street-The River Street Corner! Candy Canes in the
Mail Box! A must see and well worth the drive to the edge of West
Seward by Pac and Save!

The “Elf’s Choice” (People’s Choice) Award- “Culp Corner”-The Jerry
Culp Family 132 N. 3 rd and Jeff Neihardt Family, 146 N 3 rd
The “Rotary Club President’s” Award-- The “Mayor’s” Award- The
Jerry and Tracy Rumery Family, 1540 North 1 st Street (Be sure to see
both their front lights on First and their back lights on Columbia
The “Santa’s Choice” Award- The Gene Mayfield Family, Corner of
South Third and Main Street
The “2022 Award” A must see! -The Tony and Karen Sabatka Family,
212 Hickory
“The SHS Student Favorite” -The Tom Matzke Family, 116 South
Columbia Avenue-(Check out front window lamp and Clark Griswold’s
Cousin Eddie).
The “Historic White Christmas Victorian” Award- The Kurth and
Jessica Brashear Family, 111 Seward Street
The “Christmas Comet” Award, The Mike Demuth Family, 1640
Edgewood Lane.
The “Holiday’s Finest” Award, The Ron Schultz Family, 1442 North
Columbia Avenue
The “Christmas Message Award”-The Jerry Krutsinger Family, 154
The “Wurst” Christmas Display-The Phil Wurst Family-2065 North
Columbia Avenue
The “Best Wreath Award” Award—Tie-- Greg Zabka Family, Karol
Kay and Brad Bowen Family, 1269

Ridge Run
The “First Noel Award,” The Greg Austin Family-1747 Edgewood Lane
The “Christmas Spirit” Award-The Bill Sleight Family, 2221 Hawthorne
The “Peace on Earth” Award, The Bob Urban Family, 1717 Eastridge
The “Meaning of Christmas Display-Happy Birthday Jesus!”Award -
The Terry Kamprath Family, 938 Cherry Lane
The “Christmas Joy” Award- The Sue Wickersham Family, 906 North
3 rd Street
“A Real Victorian Christmas!” The Dean Roll Family, 422 Hillcrest
The “Family Spirit” Award-The Jeff Bohning Family, 1406 North 2 nd
The “Snowman Family” Award-The Kevin Fisher Family, 232 North 5 th
The “Home for the Holidays” Award-The Dale Grimes Family, 926
Cherry Lane
The “Best Decorated Clubhouse” Award-Abby Wignall and her Family,
139 Cedar Avenue
The “Holiday Porch” Award- The Jim Placke Family, 211 Struther’s
The “Christmas Castle” Award-The Matt Stryson Family, 1039 North
Fifth Street

The “Christmas Cornhusker” Award - Josh Fields Family, East
Pinewood Avenue-Red and White Lights Only!
The “Christmas Fun!” Award- The Steve Hosterts Family, 746 North
The “Christmas Tradition” Award-The Steven Brown Family, 416 South
5 th Street
The “Joy of the Season” Award-The Wendy Eis Family, 168 East
The “Christmas Time” Award-“Most Beautiful Nativity” The Jonathan
Curtis Family, 2200 Rainbow Avenue-“A Must See!”
The “Real Christmas” Award-The Cory Mueller Family, 238 South 2nd
The “Holiday Fun” Award-The Adam Pierce Family, 1657 North 2 nd
The “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” Award”-The Randy
and Jill Bierbaum Family, 1647 Meadow Lane
The “Candy Cane House” Award-The Brent Royuk Family, 142 Seward
The “Best Decorated Deck” Award-The Joel Navis Family, 1077 Ridge
The “Christmas Assortment” (with music!) Award-The Tim Woghan
Family, 1752 Karol Kay

The “Christmas Classic” Award-The Steve Steinauer Family, 445 N. 2 nd
The “Country Christmas” Award-The Arnt Family - 1067 280 th -South
Hwy 15-South of Seward-A beautiful country farm lighting exhibit.
The “Holly Christmas” Award- The Jerry Kremer Family-2105 North
First Street. Check out the lighted palm tree and giraffe!
“The Christmas Message”-The Elizabeth Kozisek Family, 1750
“The Christmas Twinkle Award”- The Scott Bruick Family, 1101 North
5 th Street
“Home For Christmas” award-The Chuck Matzke Family, 15 Seward
Street-on Matzke Corner!
“Christmas is the Reason” Award (Tie) to The Steve Borer Family, 1955
Rainbow Avenue and Courtney Meyer Family, Edgewood Lane.
The “Christmas Angel” Award-The Bob Daniels Family, 141 East
The “Joy of the Season” Award-Eddy Sander Family, 435 S. 2 nd Street
The “Peace on Earth” Award-The Ron Viets Family, 646 North 2 nd
The “Hope of Christmas” Award-The Craig Hanes Family, 228 Maple
The “Christmas WOW Award!”-The John Owens Family, Ridge Run at
212 Goldenrod Lane.

Best Decorated/Lighted “Half a House” Award-Longest Icicles Award
/Duplex-Nate Buss Family, 1717 Plainview Avenue
Best Happy in the Country Home Award, Robert and Becky Reisdorff
Family, 250 Goldenrod.
Best Christmas Family Award- The Keith Gardinere Family, 214 E.
Roberts Street
The Dancing Christmas Award-The Gerald Homp Family-1210
Eastridge Drive
The “Christmas Everywhere” Award-The Jon Marroquin Family-113
Goldenrod at The Ridge
The “I Love Christmas” Award-The Rob Pelster Family-1686 Ridge
Run Road
The “Beautiful Holiday” Award-The Jeff Boaz Family-917 Bradford

The “Happy Holidays” Award-The James Sleight Family, 1407 N. 1 st
The “Oh Come Let Us Adore Him” Award-Allen Bauer Family-434
Lindell Avenue (Nice Nativity Scene),
The “Spirit of Christmas” Award-The Mark Nordmeyer Family-244 E.
Northern Heights
The “Christmas Welcome” Award-The Kevin Sagehorn Family, 194

The “Season’s Best” Award-The Gerry and Mary Meyer Family, 1315
Eastridge Avenue
The “Christmas Forest” Award-The Tony Rodocker Family, 325
Hickory Lane
The “Peaking Santa” Award-The Shelia Beins Family-261 South 8 th
The “Outlined Christmas Home!”-The Scot Nitz Family-404 Bader
The “Reason for Christmas Award”-The Joe Huber Family, 1444 North
First Street,
The “Happy Holidays Award” The Layne Hans Family, 2059 North
The “A Charlie Brown Christmas”-The Jamie Axthlem Family, 119
North Second Street,
The “Holiday Home” Award-The Max Wake Family, Columbia
The “Joys of Christmas” Award-The David Konopik Family, 637 South
Columbia Avenue
The “Christmas Pop Up” Award-The Jon Kruse Family, 303 East
Northern Heights
The “Christmas Spirit” Award-The Bill and Lori Anderson Family, 1604
253 rd Drive

The “The Fun at Christmas” Award-The Gary Knickerbocker/Annette
Covert Family, 1407 North First Street
The “Christmas Promise” Award-The Don Sylwester Family, 1060
Fairlane Avenue
The “Family Nativity” Award- The Gil Daenzer Family, 540 East
Hillcrest Avenue
The “Christmas Wonder” Award-Tavis Pollock Family, 1112 Fairlane
The “Cover Every Inch” Award-The Rich Eber Family, 410 Rainbow
Circle-“Nice Flag Pole!”
Honorable Mention Awards were presented to homes including….
The Higgen’s Family, 1144 North 6 th Street
The Payne Family, 1167 North 8 th Street
The Broadwell Family, 1210 North 7th
The Hunt Family, 1166 North 6 th Street
The Van Vahle Family, 700 Pinewood Avenue
The Rosie Westerhoff Family, 1216 Sunrise Avenue
The Jeff Volzke Family, 1226 North First Street
The Clark Koehler Family, 1050 North 5 th Street
The Gary Stutzman Family, 414 South Third Street
The Charlie Haase Family, 861 Bradford Street
The Richard Novak Family, 901 Bradford Street
The Gerry Eikmeyer Family, 525 North Columbia Avenue
The Jim Eitel Family, 2005 Rainbow Avenue

The contest was judged by members of the Seward Rotary Club and the
SHS Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Judges chair for the

Rotary Club delegation was Ken Schmieding . Judges chairmen for the
SHS FBLA delegation were Co-Chairs Alex Tonniges and Liam
Krahulik-Advisor Wade Miller-SHS Teacher/Sponsor. Questions can be
directed to Ken Schmieding or Tonniges/Krahulik-project co-chairmen.
It was noted by the judges that because of the recent beautiful weather,
there were many beautiful home lighted displays and these names and
addresses are only a few of the wonderful light displays in Seward that
were nominated to the committee by families, friends and Rotarians.
While businesses were not judged, special recognition must be given to
Dale Grimes Cabinet Studio, William Henry School of Arts, East Hill
Motel and Suites, Merle’s Flower Shop, Rivoli Theater, Allure Fashions,
Mueri Drug, Chapter’s Book’s and Gifts, Blue Valley Community
Action, Liberty House, Smile Dental, Volzke Funeral Home, Zabka
Funeral Home, Suhr-Lichty Insurance, Concordia University, Rock
Lutheran Church’s, Red Path Gallery, Second Closet, Et Cetera and the
Rumery Lawn Service for their holiday window displays and outdoor
decorations. Many of the local churches also have beautiful, life size
nativity scenes on their lawns. The downtown Seward business area is
aglow with holiday lights and creates a festive atmosphere for all who
see it! Concordia University is a “Must See” as well with the thousands
of white lights!
Another “Must See” are also the beautiful tree and decorations inside
and out at the local Seward Civic Center. They have a large, beautiful
tree at 6 th and Bradford Avenue and the “Festival of Trees” ongoing in
the West Fireplace Room-sponsored by the GFWC Seward Womans
Special honor and recognition…. the “Most Patriotic Lighting Display-
Fourth of July City” Award to the Nebraska National Guard for their
outstanding presentation of their front yard-featuring their decorated M-
4 Sherman Tank and lighted sculpture in the front lawn-a must see!
They really went above and beyond with their lights on the Tank and
other equipment.

Of special interest are the lights and displays at Memorial Park on the
corner of Third and Seward Streets and the Optimist Club’s Bemis Park
lights on Highway 34!
Both the Seward Rotary Club and the SHS FBLA encourages families to
drive throughout Seward and visit the area neighborhoods to see this
wonderful volunteer effort, keeping the Christmas Spirit alive in Seward
for the young and young at heart!
They also invite you to visit the outstanding “Magical Lights of Seward”
display in Centennial Park- Monday through Sunday. Visit their website